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You should never pressure wash your roof, as it can be severely damaging to the shingles because of its high water pressure. When you have your roof soft washed, you are having the roof cleaned but you are also further protecting it until you have it washed again. There are so many advantages to having your roof soft washed, such as for the betterment of your health, for curb appeal, to help with the power bills, and to prolong the lifetime of your investment.

Nearly every type of roof can be soft washed. This includes residential, commercial, and recreational buildings. There are also a variety of types of roofs, such as asphalt, metal, stone-coated steel, etc. Soft washing is safe for your roof, building, and the environment. You can have soft washing done as often as you would like to do.

When should I have my roof soft washed?

It is important to have your roof soft washed now if you have not recently had it done. You should not wait until you believe something is wrong to have your roof soft washed. Once you notice that there is a problem with your roof, it is likely already too late for damage to have been done. Call us today to schedule your soft washing!

How often should my roof be soft washed?

Your roof should be soft washed often, ideally, once a year. It is an easy item to add to your spring-cleaning list. Schedule Deep South Exterior annually to keep your roof at its best. It does not take long at all for your roof to begin growing mold, mildew, or algae. This is especially true in the hot, wet, and humid climate that we have in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. You can have your roof soft washed as often as you would like though because there is no damage that can be done.

Why should my roof be soft washed?

There are many advantages to having your roof soft washed. The most important is the health of the people that are in the building, whether this is your home or commercial building. Having your roof soft washed keeps mold, mildew, and algae away. It also helps to ensure that no pests or rodents are living in your home.

Roofs are typically very dark and the dirt on your roof can only make it darker. This will lead to a much higher power bill in the summer as your air conditioner is working to keep the building or home cool, but the dark roof is attracting the sun. Keep your power bill down by having Deep South Exterior come soft wash your home or commercial building’s roof regularly.

Soft washing your roof can also prolong the life of your roof. This well help maintain your investment and allow the roof to last as long as possible. Mold, mildew, and algae work quickly to break down your roof.

How is a roof soft washed?

Soft washing is the only method to effectively clean your roof. Pressure washing your roof can be extremely damaging. Soft washing uses low water pressure, typically about the same water pressure as a hose. This combined with a cleaning solution, allows us to safely clean your roof.

We soft wash your roof by spraying this combination on the surface. We allow the cleaning solution to sit for a little while, while they are able to get into all of the pores of the roof. This combination is gentle but very effective. Once this has set, we will begin cleaning by spraying with water to clean the dirt, mold, algae, or whatever combination is found on your roof! Once this is done, you will notice a visible difference in your roof.

This job can be very difficult to do on your own and should be done by professionals.

Is soft washing safe?

Soft washing is safe for the environment and your plants. It is completely biodegradable and harm-free. The water pressure is also extremely low, so your home or building will not incur any damage from the water pressure. This is why soft washing is used on homes and buildings, as opposed to pressure washing in most cases. You can soft wash as often as you would like, as there is no harm in this process.

What types of roofs can be soft washed?

Any type of roof can be soft washed! This includes on your home or commercial building, gazebo, shed, or any other roof. The most common types of roofs that can be soft washed are asphalt shingles, metal roofs, stone-coated steel, slate, rubber slate, clay tiles, and concrete tiles. If you have questions about if your roof can be soft washed, give us a call!

Why choose Deep South Exterior?
Deep South Exterior has your best interest in mind. We are locally owned and operated. We have a combined three decades of experience. Our state-of-the-art equipment is unmatched in our area. Licensed, insured, and bonded for your safety and peace of mind. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the results, we will work to make it right. Our goal is for you to become our repeat customer for years to come.

For commercial properties, we understand how important it is to not be an inconvenience for your customers and clients. We are happy to arrange your cleaning for a time that your office is closed or during times that are most convenient for your customers.

Last, but not least, it is also so important to soft wash your roof because it helps the curb appeal. The exterior is the first part of your home or building that people will notice, so keeping this clean is vital, especially with a roof. A roof can collect so much dirt, leaves, droppings, etc. It is nearly impossible to keep your roof clean alone, so give us a call and let our team help! 


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